Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cedar Point

So who would've thought that in Sandusky, Ohio, only 2 hours from where we live, there is an amusement park that has some of the fastest and tallest (and funnest!) rides in the world?? go figure. now the question has morphed into: Why didn't we know this sooner? Say, the previous 2 years we have lived only 2 hours away? Say, before I was pregnant and/or had a child who pretty much can only eat food and ride the merry-go-round at these parks? oh well :)

no, actually, even though it would've been more fruitful without a child in tow, we had a pretty great time this last weekend. R and I drove down with M (during naptime=bad idea) and met R's cousins there. B flew from UT to Washington DC to meet C, and then they drove to Sandusky. And S and J drove up from Nashville. Then we all rode the roller coasters, ate fast food, and then had to turn around and go back to our respective places. It was short but sweet :)

I mostly talked to C, who waited with me out of line with M for two and half hours while the rest of them waited for the Millenium Force. After they exited, C and I used the handy parent pass and went to front of the line to wait a few mintues for the FRONT of the ride. we're talkin' very front. as in pee you pants scared front. please note that i'm not a pansy. this ride goes faster than any other roller coaster I've been on in my life, kid you not. it's currently the 3rd highest coaster in the world, and probably one of the fastest. this is further scaryified by the fact that all that holds you in is a secure, but mere safety belt and lap bar. and you go up the first big "up" and it seems to never end! in other words, i highly recommend it!

Also, M went through his first "haunted" house at the park. there were squiggly mirrors and squishy floors and blow up pumpkins and spiders. he didn't cry once! well, except when it was over and he tried to run back in. he also saw a line of monsters dancing the Electric Slide, which besides being awesome to behold in the first place, was impressive because he reached out and touched the werewolf without too much trouble. this wasn't too surprising to me, but every one else was very impressed with his bravery. (i wasn't surprised because we've already ventured to the Halloween store before, and he was picking up big plastic, hairy spiders that gave ME the willies.)

hooray for Cedar Point! pictures to follow soon :)

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Paul Huff said...

That's my fault. I should have told you about "the Point" ages ago. Sorry I spaced it.

Isn't it pretty cool? Steeeeeeep admission price, but waaaaaay cool.

You can see why Lagoon just doesn't cut it for me... *ribs Melissa*