Friday, December 22, 2006

merry freaking christmas

r and I both didn't think very hard about our family outing today, until we arrived. we thought we would go to the mall. we thought it would be fun. we thought it would be a good idea. we thought wrong. we forgot about the DATE, and that a lot of people are big jerks while under stress, time constraints, and in obnoxious traffic. it was...interesting, although not quite as bad as you may be imagining after my dramatic first sentences.

in general, M likes to get out and enjoy the play area at the mall, plus it's quite close to our house. and once we got inside, it really wasn't too bad. the worst part was actually while dining out at Arby's and hearing at least two sets of families having frustrated arguments about children eating quicker, hurry hurry hurry, etc. i'm glad that M casually enjoyed his fries and ketchup/catsup while mostly ignoring said embarrassing family fights.

it probably helped that R and I were already finished with all our shopping. this was due partly to (i love you!!) and partly to a limited budget, which is a good motivator to pass things up and "just look". it ended up being a pretty good outing, in spite of our shock at the fulness of parking lot upon arrival. i looked for a pair of shoes for R's brother's wedding next week, and had minimal luck. there were no good white shoes to be found save one, only a few silver, and lots of red but not at the right price. $69? ouch! but they're so cute...

on our way out of the mall driving circle, we encountered, clearly, our most angry fellow shopper. granted, we were confused about which lane to be in but still, peace on earth, right. no. we got an eyeful of angry gestures, windows rolling down and then up, and some muffled yelling. the only we didn't get was the finger, so i'm thankful for that.

so for the next few days, beware. and merry freaking christmas :) love, k

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Anonymous said...

Kendahl! Hi friend, I know it's been ages since we caught up, but I'm back doing the bloggin thing these days, so I'm more connected I guess. Just wanted to say Happy New Year and hope your Christmas was great. Love ya heaps,