Monday, January 08, 2007

If I had money

I would buy a better apartment after we move this summer. We are currently looking and can barely afford the necessary 2 bedrooms available.

I would buy my Lancome face cream.

I would enroll M in Gymboree for the next 4 months. He's QUITE the active child, and when you mix it with a small apartment and snow outside it makes for a sometimes-restless K, and an always-restless M.

I wouldn't freak out about the repairs we just finished on our freaking car. Stupid brakes.

I wouldn't apply for food stamps for the 2 months prior to R's new job and after we move from Michigan where we currently have food stamps without any application process (yuck!)

So basically I would skip the next 8 months and jump to the new job beginning in September. I know that we'll be more than fine after that date. But these next few months until then are looking anything but breezy. I will refer to it as the storm before the calm, if you will. I will also acknowledge that there are plenty of ways that it could be much worse than this. I will even admit that I'm being a baby. But it's my blog! I can be self-absorbed for now and then make amends later. Right? Okay then. I'm being a baby. I'm depressed about the lack of fun trips, the lack of freedom to buy the occasional clothing item. To quote Arrested Development, I just have to put my head down, power through...

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Melissa said...

I probably shouldn't say this on your blog where the likelihood that Paul will read it is high, but sometimes the anticipation with which I await a final HOME and a real stable LIFE is crushing.

But then the stability would probably be crushing, too. Curses.