Wednesday, January 17, 2007


1. I have made it 4 out of 10 pounds for my goal of March 1st. good job me! I'm also very sore right now, thanks to my tyrant of a kickboxing teacher. So many kicks, so much leg-burning.

2. I have read more pages in Arc of Justice, and it's pretty much sucked me right in. It's about Clarence Darrow and the case he took involving Ossian Sweet. It's a saga of race, civil rights, etc. (To quote Simpsons: Lisa: You're like a modern-day Clarence Darrow. Attorney-at-law Lionel Hutz: Is that the black guy from the Mod Squad?)

3. M is securely into his new tantrum-throwing phase. It's (seriously) a good thing that I've been referencing a book called Positive Discipline for the First Three Years, or I might be more frustrated. Instead, I feel empowered by my ability to not lose my cool and try to help the poor little emotional guy.

4. I like my new CD by Jamiroquai. I believe it's called Dynamite, and for good reason. It's good dancin-in-da-car music. It's also good distract-your-toddler-with-dancing music. Plus, hello, it's Jamiroquai. You can pretty much get any CD by them and enjoy the groove that will ensue. Please, if you have the means, I highly suggest you pick one up. It is so choice.

5. Lastly, I'd like to admit that I have way too many bottles of lotion, and have decided to lotion up at least once a day, probably after showering, in an effort to rid myself of all these lotions. Most are half empty, or forgotten in the cupboard. But I don't want to be embarassed by the movers in May when I need an entire box labeled "Lotion". That's just silly. So, a-lotioning I shall go.


Melissa said...

Oh, wise Kendahl, mother of a real toddler, I bow at your feet and buy every parenting book you mention forthwith from Amazon, the great giver of all goods.

I gave my many lotions away to (this is weird) my little brother because most of them I had never used. He wanted to give them to a girl in his apartment complex. I said it was weird.

I congratulate you on the 40% fruition of your goal. Weight loss: the blight of my existence. I want a metabolism.

kendahl said...

ah melissa, my funny friend. every time there's a message from yo i laugh out loud :) i'm sorry about the metabolism. mine is existent, but needs much restriction of calories to do anything for me. unlike a certain husband of mine who has weighed the same thing since 8th grade. ridiculous.

also, i really DO recommend that book. it's very helpful, plus they have a series thing going on for older ages, which i find reassuring.