Sunday, January 14, 2007

two books

i would like to recommend a book called A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, even with it's accompanying profanity. it was quite funny, and yet also poignant and even heartbreaking. i read it with my book group. so far i only know that i've read it and my pal Kristen who lives next door (and just gave us free internet access to their wireless connection) has read it. i don't know if the other two gals have gotten around to it yet. that's the problem with book groups, trying to get on the same timeline. on the one hand, i'm glad to be in a book group: you read with a little more purpose, have people to discuss the book with, i tend to pay attention more to details and trying to remember them. on the other hand, what if the other members are offended by the profanity, what if they don't finish it for a long time and it's a little awkward. it's a gamble, those book clubs.

i'm also going to prerecommend a book called Arc of Justice, on R's recommendation. I have read 5 pages. i'll report more later.

i'm going to also shockingly mention another book, even though it means that i will flagrantly disregard my own title to this post. it's called The Stranger and will take about one afternoon to read. it's translated from the French, and is also the impetus behind a The Cure song which I have been singing in my head ever since I finished said book. again, happy reading.


Melissa said...

Excellent books, all. Well, I can't really vouch for Arc of Justice, except by association.

I read Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake over the break (which I liked quite a bit but less than Interpreter of Maladies) and I started but will not likely finish Memoirs of a Geisha, because it sucks. I can't even remember what made me think that I should read it. Oh. Yeah. It was the Borders gift card. I wanted Gloria Naylor and instead I walked out with trash. I suck.

Travis Butterfield said...

Hi Kendahl! Long time no see, eh? I hope all is well. I think I'm going to start frequenting your blog now that I discovered it (thanks to Megan Mitchell's blog).