Monday, January 08, 2007

What I did for Christmas break


Here is a rundown of what our Christmas was all about:

First we stayed home in Michigan prior to, and up to 3 days after, Christmas Day. M brought home a flu-like virus (I know it's not the flu, since we have had our flu shots. Plus, the doctor said so.), gave it to me, and I gave it to R. It wasn't actually that bad, except M couldn't shake it for a few days, and R's sickness coordinated with late Christmas Eve/Christmas Day which was sad :( But Christmas was good. M got an Elmo. I got a Sonicare toothbrush. R got Seinfeld Season 7.

We got over the sickness. We got excited about going to R's brother's wedding. We flew to AZ the day before and stayed with our favorite relatives: N and K and O (R's brother, and subsequent wife and child). We went to the wonderful sealing and were pretty misty-eyed. We took pictures, and it was cold, but the babies were CUTE! Any miniature versions of Sunday clothes are to die for!

We spent our week in AZ playing outside, running outside, looking for summer housing, seeing family, eating a lot of good red meat at R's parents house and at In-N-Out Burger, and getting more Christmas presents from R's fam. We got Little People dinosaurs and a mini keyboard for M. There were some ill-fitting shirts. There were some interesting book choices. (Anyone who knows R well will appreciate the mismatchedness of this gift: R got a book by Mitch Albom that wasn't "Tuesdays with Morrie". Heehee!) I got a cool salad dressing thingy from The Pampered Chef. We also had fun cooking together at N and K's house. We made fish tacos*! We made creme brulee! We made fondue!

(*Now I must rave about fish tacos: First you catch (or buy) some yummy Albacore tuna or Mahi Mahi, you marinade it in fresh lemon, soy sauce, and brown sugar. You grill it to perfection and set it aside. You warm or lightly fry up some corn tortillas in some oil. You cut up mango into chunks. You shred some lettuce. You grate some cheese (preferably some organic white cheddar, yum!). You make the Pico de Gallo: 2 cups finely diced tomato, 1 cup finely diced onion, chopped fresh cilantro (one big bunch), olive oil (about 1-5 tablespoons-ish), hot sauce (preferably Cholula, also yum!). Now you build your fish taco. Tortilla, fish, cheese, pico, lettuce, mango. Enjoy!!)

Okay, so we've now been back from vacation a couple of days. We are rested and happy and even ready for the last semester at Michigan. We are excited about moving, graduating, M's upcoming 2nd birthday, new jobs, possibly a new pregnancy (later in the year, i'm NOT pregnant now). I think 2007 will be a good year. I will turn 27, wow! I will have my 5th wedding anniversary, double wow! I feel good about it :)


Claire said...

Holy cow, I can't believe you've been married almost 5 years! I remember going to your Orem reception....

Anyhow, you will love your new Sonicare toothbrush. Just make sure to clean it out every so often or it starts to stink.

Sounds like you had an eventful Christmas and are excited for the new year! See you in Phoenix at some point!

kendahl said...

I know, 5 years! And I've been a huge nerd about my toothbrush: the manual said to clean it once a week, and I do :)

AND, I'm sooo excited to be moving to Phoenix in a few months. crazy. you'll have to let me know when you visit your sis after the end of May, since we'll be there studying for the bar. correction: ryan studying, kendahl unpacking.

Melissa said...

I laughed out loud about Ryan getting Tuesdays with Morrie. Have you read that book? Ha!

kendahl said...

I KNOW, thank you very much. And I DID read it a few years ago and liked it okay. Not love, not hate. I will also need to check out this book Interpreter of Maladies...perhaps after Arc of Justice. By the way, Ryan said he liked Arc of Justice in a similar way to A Civil Action, which we both liked very much. Have you read?