Sunday, April 15, 2007

Getting to know UU

UU stands for Unitarian Universalist. The full name is Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, and was our outing of choice this Sunday morning. Our friends Corey and Taryn belong this congregation, and R was invited to play The Jazz with Corey, who plays bass. So they jazzed it up, and we all experienced a new church.

You can't really call it church, since they changed the name this past year. Corey was telling us that they aren't sure what to say anymore when they "go to church". They've toyed with the idea of "going to congregation", or "attending the worshiptorium", which is my favorite.

Also, I guess there were about four families that stopped going to our ward about seven years ago and now attend the Unitarian congregation. Corey said that he knew one of them, and I was looking forward to seeing some of these folks, just because. But then M needed to make use of the crying room. And then the nursery. So. No nosiness for me.


Bri Solo said...

Interesting post. One of the guys in Spitball/Chump Ben "left" Mormonism and attended a "church" and their basic belief was you could come there and worship whoever or whatever you wanted. Even if it was the devil. It was a place to come and do your thing and everybody respected everybody elses view points. Kind of weird, but kind of cool.

kendahl said...

was ben the one who was married and had a couple of kiddos? and played the guitar? i can't believe i've forgotten the names of spitball folks. i remember Dougy Doug though.

Melissa said...

Cool. I really wish our ward (and every ward) had choirs that we could rock out to instead of cringe at. Although: now when the organ starts, Caleb immediately starts to sing, which is probably enough entertainment for now.

Potato Girl said...

We moved here so long ago that we knew all of those families back when they still attended our ward.