Wednesday, April 11, 2007

random things, listed

  • I love The Cars. Especially while lifting the weights. Especially "Tonight She Comes". And most especially, the lovely synthesized beats.
  • If you're prone to liking brownies, you should try making some and putting Cadbury's Mini Eggs on top about halfway through baking. So tastlich!
  • M finally said "Hi" yesterday to his little mini-me (a neighbor's child who was visiting and looks quite similar to M at that age), Kurt. He also said "wow" and "choo-choo" and "car" and "ham" for the first time in the last few days. He also continues to say "ball" and "balls" about 200 times a day.
  • I really like Thomas Hardy. One of my favorite books is Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and now I've picked up Return of the Native. He writes in such a way that I want to savor the words and read a little more slowly.
  • I watched my friend's baby yesterday morning and it was good birth control. Not because he was bad, or that M was bad, but mostly because I can't imagine juggling two little people simultaneously. I think I'll be ready for this a little later...
  • Yesterday morning there was snow and ice on my car. It simply isn't fair to have a week of 70 degrees and then have to go backwards in time to winter. Why? I bought T-shirts at Target for M, and their cuteness keeps getting covered up by sweatshirts.
  • At the influence of my well-(dance)-educated pal Robin, I have felt the pull to read Making Connections by Peggy Hackney. I'm rediscovering my inner dance nerd. (In case you're wondering what it's all about, here you go: Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Analysis are discussed in detail in ways to make you rethink the way you use/think of your body. In my case, I've been less slouchy while ellipticalling and now my left knee feels better. Also, I've been stretching and breathing with more focus on enjoying my time. It's rejuvenating, making your body more energized, and I recommend it.)
  • Speaking of the previous bullet point, I'm thinking it might be a good choice for me to pursue becoming a movement analyst and bridging it to further study in psychology. Of course, it's one thing to say this, and quite another to have the time/money to do it. Am I crazy to think I can do this? Is it stupid?
  • R has a pen. It's a Parker pen. Weirdly, R's grandpa used Parker pens, and Ryan didn't know until after he also got hooked using them back at BYU. So, possible pen gene.
  • Correction: there didn't used to be snow and ice on my car, now there is snow and ice on my car. Again.
  • I love blossomy trees.


Robin said...

Oh, my friend, you would be such a fantastic movement analyst. Seriously, remember how you helped me when I would ask "Mom, what's Body-Half?" :)

How are you enjoying the book this time around?

I miss you. How can we resolve this?

Melissa said...

I have a great and abiding love for Thomas Hardy (although I think we must all admit that Jude the Obscure is just a smidgen dramatic). I recommend Far from the Madding Crowd wherein a character is named Cain on accident (his parents meant to name him Abel but got confused), so the townspeople call him "Cainy" to soften the blow of being named after a murderer. Hardy's poetry is also beautiful. I think it's funny that he was so offended by the public's reception of Jude that he never wrote another novel, just poetry ever after, even though he was alive for several decades more. I'm blathering. Sorry.

In conclusion, I say: become a movement analyst. And then analyze me.

Melissa said...

Oh, also, I'm glad to know that other children say "ball" ALL DAY LONG. I am a little frightened that it's never going to stop.

kendahl said...

i'm glad to get support for the movement analyst idea. i'm really liking that one.

i'm also pretty sure that the only way i can be happy is to launch a massive push for everyone i like to move to AZ. here are some good reasons: no winter! red rocks! AC included in everything! in-n-out burger! ASU dance programs! you probably have family of some kind there! AND the dramatic finish: The Millecam's will be there!

p.s. Ryan also said that Jude the Obscure was a little too unbelievable for his liking.

p.p.s. Melissa, I'm afraid that the only variety you might be looking at is if Caleb were to start saying the plural of "ball". but it's still 200 times a day. and frightening.

kendahl said...

also, i'm enjoying Connections quite a lot. the only other time was while be compelled for Laban class with Pat, and I wasn't feeling it. but now i am, and i figure better late than never, right?

the influence pops up at funny times, like last night in the car when i thought of the back of my neck getting longer. and then all of a sudden i was 2 inches taller and using my core instead of my tensed shoulders to drive the car. it was a lovely nerd-moment.

Robin said...

I love nerd moments!

Travis Butterfield said...

Hey! I LOVE Thomas Hardy. I especially liked The Return of the Native. The Reddle-man is such a cool character.

kendahl said...

i know! i'm already quite intrigued. i'll have to read more and then talk about it.