Monday, April 16, 2007


The ball run track toy thingy they had in the nursery was perhaps the best toy that M has ever seen. I know this because he sobbed all the way to the car, and halfway home until he finally stopped whimpering the word "balls? balls!" And because I can't think of a real name for it, I cannot find it ANYWHERE online. It's like a little roller coaster for a plastic ball, where you drop it in the top, and then it goes down all the little plastic chutes (like a water slide?!) until it drops to the bottom and you start all over again. Can anyone think of a good name for this? I have tried.

Basically I would like to buy my child's love and I can't do that very well unless you all help me find this bleeping toy. If you actually find it you will be giving M a really great birthday or Christmas present, depending on the price.


Melissa said...

It sounds like a pimped-out version of the pound-a-ball. This is the rollercoaster that someone in our complex has that Caleb adores.

Let me know if you find out what this intriguing ball rollercoaster is! You know Caleb shares Miles' love for balls.

Robin said...

This is what I came up with:

or maybe:

That's all I got. Good luck!

Robin said...

Oh snap, that didn't work at all... all I gave you were some links that don't even work. Suck.


who knows if that will work.

kendahl said...

oh snap, i made it work! and they're both really good suggestions. i think the ebay version from Discovery Toys is closer to what he played with. i'll have to check in the catalog or something.

kendahl said...

melissa, that baby-sized roller coaster is sweet! miles would surely sob at the thought of leaving that one in person, too.

Melissa said...

Was it this one? (Now I'm all obsessed when I should be writing a paper. Curses.)

kendahl said...

ahhhh! i think this is getting close! it's not the exact version, but it's definitely sob-worthy. which works for me :)

Potato Girl said...

When Eli was a little guy, our friends at Woodchase had a toy that we called "Balls and Hammer" (not the official name), and he loved that thing so much! We got one of our own and it is still a beloved toy whenever any kid comes over. Which reminds me that you need to come hang with me, and Miles can play with our balls and hammer toy. Yes, do it.

kendahl said...

okay, i will!