Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Favorite Couple Websites

I've been gearing up for having another baby in the house. In light of recent Bisphenol A discoveries, as well as not-so-recent concerns about PVC, pthalates, and lead, I have been reading up on sippy cups, bottles, toys, dishes, Tupperware, etc.

I really like the comprehensive lists that I have found. They aren't all inclusive and I still have a lot of unanswered questions (mostly about specific toys), but they help. I was happy to find that that sippy cups we already use are relatively safe. They are the Playtex insulator brand. And the "Take n' Toss" utensils, bowls, cups, and straws that we have are also at least BPA-free. Please take the time to find replacements if you are using a hazardous product currently.

Also, for reference in other daily products:
  • survey of common children's brands, and their toxicity
  • quick rundown of ingredients to avoid (in personal care products)
  • list of "Top 5" products and their rating: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, liquid soap, toothpaste, sunscreen, baby wipes, lotion/moisturizer, diaper cream, baby powder, play makeup


Ryan said...

Blah. Another boring, fruity-granola blogpost that hopes to end corporate America's toxic poisoning of the world. Give us something we can enjoy! (without bashing on your husband)

kendahl said...

Haha, but did I get you to click on any links and at least PIQUE your interest? Then my fear mongering has served it's purpose :)

You'll notice I didn't post any links to the toxicity of sweeties, so there's no bashing here!