Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Second Half of Test Results

Good news: the full chromosome analysis is back and is completely normal. Of course, there's always something more it could be, so they're going to run another test that looks really close at tiny parts of the chromosomes to rule a few more things out. But I don't think that it will be anything that rare.

The geneticist herself said that even though unrelated birth defects usually indicate an underlying problem, she has seen this happen before with her own eyes: two unrelated birth defects that just happen. I think E is one like that :) Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, fasts, hopes, and wishes. I already felt like I dodged a bullet with M coming out perfect, so now I really feel like I'm beating the odds. I think we may just be a family of four after this little scare. Wow.

The plan now:
  • See a cranio-facial surgeon next Tuesday. He'll be taking care of the lip and palate surgeries that happen around 3 months old and 12 months old, respectively. When we meet we get to ask all kinds of questions and hear the plan for the first year of E's life. I'm guessing that I will have yet another ultrasound so they can track his development and plan for surgery with as much information as possible. I'll keep you posted on how he looks at various checkpoints along the way.
  • Go to my regular OB/GYN checkup next Thursday. I'm assuming they'll put us in contact with a pediatrician a little earlier than usual. I like the one M has, so I may call and set up something with her in a few weeks. I'm also assuming they'll put us in contact with a pedatric geneticist to make sure everything is good at the birth.
  • Meet with the La Leche League to gain support for breastfeeding issues that will inevitably come up. Also, try and find "special needs feeder" bottles and nipples made with safe plastic (no pthalates, no biphesonol-A) for E in case he can't latch. (Special needs feeders are specifically made for cleft lip/cleft palate babies to help them eat). Plea: anyone who knows anything about this please share!
  • Go to another ultrasound on September 26th to track growth, kidney development, and cleft lip/palate development.
So there you go. Updates. Finally! I've been pacing for the last few days, and now I'm just going to chill, do some yoga, have some reading time, and watch the Sopranos with R. Phew.


Danielle Millecam said...

phew! Thanks for keeping us posted we are praying for you all!

Hubers said...

We will keep you and your little family of four in our prayers. We had a little scare with Isaac. He tested positive for Downs, but does not have it. It was scary for a couple of weeks or so, until other things started looking normal.
Good luck. It's an emotional rollcoaster, huh?

Jennie, Jeremy, Scott, and James said...

What a great mama Eli already has! Lucky boy. Good luck meeting w/ all the specialists. hooray for great doctors. All the best!

Southern Spud said...

I'm so glad things are generally okay! That's fantastic! What a scare!!!!


Fowler family said...

Hi Kendahl,

Your cousin Cori fwded to me your blog link. You are going to be a great mother for Eli. You are already so on the ball with things. I have 2 little boys, both born with cleft lip and palate. It is so hard at the beginning, but things get so much easier as time goes on. I have some info on bottles and such and will send an email to you. Hang in there okay? This little guy in your tummy is so precious. He will open up your heart in a way you never thought possible. -Anna Fowler

kendahl said...

Thanks Anna, I've visited a few of the sites, and I think I will call one of the Cleft Advocate pathfinders in my area.

angelic pursuits said...

Hooray about the test results! Thanks for keeping us all updated, and we wish you the best of luck with all of the surgeries and complications involved.