Monday, July 13, 2009

E's Palate Recovery

E is doing pretty well, considering it has only been one week since he had palate reconstruction surgery. He has not recovered as readily as he did with lip surgery, but he improves every day. On Thursday we go in to have the 10 day checkup.

It has been tricky keeping up with all his physical therapy and chiropractic appointments for his torticollis, but as of this morning we are back on track. He is well enough to do all the stretches and tummy time at home, and to get to all his therapies this week. We lost a little momentum (his neck looks more crooked again), but I am determined to get it back. He also gets a preliminary helmet appointment this week. In the words of Thom Yorke "It's just like, spinniiiiiing plaaaates."
E getting one more chomp in before surgery.

Standing up in his baby hospital gown that says "tiny tired tiger" all over it.

In recovery right after coming out of anesthesia. It was not nearly as shocking as how he looked last time. All the stitches are inside, he is not as swollen, and he does not sound as different.

The face he has been making the most since surgery. A cross between "I am in pain", "I am kinda bored" and "Are you seriously still making me do tummy time?!"

Um, I want that camera. Seriously, give it to me.


Jacque said...

He is sooo adorable! I can't believe how much you are doing for him. He is so lucky to have you!

VICKI IN AZ said...

E is beautiful.
Glad is recovery is progressing so well!
Take Care.

Kristi said...

I agree....E is sooo adorable and beautiful! You are the BEST MOM EVER!! M and E are blessed to have you!

Nate and Kristen said...

I LOVE that face he's pulling...hilarious!! I'm going to have to give him some serious kisses when we get back. Sorry we didn't get to hang out before we left. Hope the recovery continues to go well. Love ya

gretchen said...

E looks sooo cute! I'm glad his recovery is going well, and I think you are doing a fantastic job of "spinning plates." I agree that your boys are lucky to have you!