Monday, July 13, 2009

M's Birthday. He's 4!

Well, M had a great birthday in spite of the fact that I was with E at the hospital for half of it. He spent the night at Grandma's, helped make his cake in the shape of a Golden Snitch that morning (complete with white frosting wings), got to eat cupcakes and Mexican food for dinner, had a visit from the Birthday Fairy after I got home and he woke up from his nap, and got to open a pile of presents when Daddy got home from work.

Hands down the favorite toy: Marbulous. He has played with that plastic marble run for at least 2-3 hours per day since his birthday. Oh, how I love that toy! I love that little man, getting so big and tall. For the record he is very into Wall-e, Harry Potter, Wipeout, Trouble, puzzles, butterflies, "swimming" with his stuffed water animals, playing his piano and dancing, and generally running around like a hyper little boy. We always joke that he's our little raccoon. Only it's kind of not a joke. :)
Two squash M grew himself in the garden.

The birthday spoils.


Claire said...

Love the summer buzz cut. He is a very cute kid.

Brittany said...

What a good little farmer M is. I hope E is okay, he already came home from the hospital, I thought. I hope he recovers well from his surgery.

k said...

I also love the buzz cut. It makes him look especially blond. I can't wait to see your cute kid when her (his?) arrival is nigh.

M is a good farmer! He needs overalls man. E is good, just sleeping...and complaining...sometimes smiling :)

Kristi said...

M is a BIG boy now! I can't believe he is already 4! I'm glad that he had a FUN birthday! I LOVE that he is into Harry Potter....not a surprise given who his mommy is. :)
AND congratulations on the squash. Growing a garden is such fun, especially for kids. I planted corn for the first time this year. I feel like a little kid as I rush out each morning to check on the progress. :)

Jord said...

The snitch cake is awesome, I'm definitely impressed. I'm glad he had a good day....and I can't believe that he is 4!