Thursday, August 13, 2009


I finally got around to painting E's helmet. We have been to three adjustments and it finally fits his poor little head. He is so much happier today than last week.

Part of the problem is that we finally started E on solid foods, so he was/is having a growth spurt and his head is growing like crazy. He got the helmet Wednesday of last week, and by Friday when we went back in, it already needed a growth adjustment.

The other part of the problem was that they did not notice a protuberance over his left ear at first. So last Friday he woke up with a huge, bright red welt that is still healing today, 6 days later. He still cannot sleep in it while his welt heals. But with all the adjusting, adding pressure divots inside the helmet, applying healing cream, and taking it off for skins checks and toweling his head dry, he is finally happy in the helmet. As you can see :)


Turley Family said...

It gets better...I promise. The growth adjustment turns into every two weeks from every week, they do get used to sleepin in the darn thing, the body temp adjusts so the toweling his little head dry will only be when you are out side or getting out of the car, and i promise it will get to the point when he crawls/walks you will LOVE that little helmet! my little girl got hers off and all she did was cry cause she was so used to hittin her head on everything and not feeling took her like a month to get the cause and effect of when she hit her head on something she will feel pain.

It is worth every penny of the 3600!

I did clean it like mad cause it starts to smell {kinda like the smell of an old cast}

Turley Family said...

one more thing he looks so cute in his little helmet! my little girl was in it 15 weeks, it flys by!

k said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. That first week was brutal. The welt is still on his head, 10 days later. He still hasn't slept in it at night. But it is definitely better, and definitely worth the money. His head already looks way better!

Oh, and did you ever paint yours? I did with acrylic paint (because it's non-toxic), and then put a Mod Podge coat over the top. But then it all peeled off yesterday. Any pointers? I'm thinking stickers are a good backup plan if I can't paint it.

Kristi said...

E is SO dang cute!! I'm happy to hear that things are improving! You are an AMAZING woman AND Mom! :)

Turley Family said...

I did vinyl lettering. differ shades of pink poke a dots and her name on the back. the poke a dots stayed on great, never came off, I ended taking the name off cause it was thin and came off a few time, i got a few of them to keep putting on, and then when i ran out i was done with the name, they stayed for about 4 ish weeks each. it was like 3 bucks. i have a friend who does it if you want her name and number let me know!