Friday, October 09, 2009


I know I keep on and on about probiotics and how they fight colds and flu-like illness, not to mention keep you regular and healthy in general. Probiotics provide good bacteria for your body to use to fight off infection and to keep you healthy. Here is a link from The American Academy of Pediatrics Journal that shows the scientific evidence to lend credibility to my stance. I use two brands of probiotics that I alternate back and forth as I finish a bottle: this one and this one.

(I poke a hole in the gelcap and squeeze out some powder onto E's morning cereal and into M's morning juice. There is a little over half the powder left in the capsule that I then take. No word on whether R will ever agree to take these, party-pooper :)).

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Lani said...

I started me and the kids on probiotics a couple weeks ago. We did all get a mild cold (starting with Jacob) just after we started. I'm hoping that was just because we hadn't been on them very long and that we can avoid all the really nasty stuff this year. We'll also get the flu vaccine, but I don't think we'll be getting the H1N1, at least not this year. Best of luck keeping your family healthy! :)

ps- can I just say thanks again for being such a great source of information? You are awesome!