Saturday, January 09, 2010

Things M Says (Part 16)

At bedtime, talking about his six-foot-long plush snake from IKEA, creatively named by me:

M: Oh, do you see Mr. Snake all curled up on the floor? He is getting ready for bed.
me: Yeah, he's so sleepy, he's asleep.
M: No, he is just going like this (blinks slowly), he is just blinking, he is almost asleep.
me: Oh, he's almost asleep.
M: Yeah. Hey mommy?
me: Whaty?
M: Sometimes I tell Mr. Snake jokes and he laughs like this: sss-sss-sss-sss-ss.



Jacque said...

so cute!!!

McDonalds said...

Sometimes I tell Mr. Snake jokes too. He doesn't laugh as hard at my jokes as he does at Miles'.

Robin said...

Love this.

Kristi said...

M just cracks me up! sss..sss.sss :)