Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My New Quest: Make My Own Candy for Christmas

I was at Trader Joe's today, one of my favorite places to go.  I had grand plans to buy some candies there to use for stocking stuffers.  I remembered from last year that there was a lot of variety.  So I was excited.  However, that did not pan out the way I wanted it to.

First of all, I could not find a single piece of chocolate without soy lecithin in it.  The reason I am avoiding soy is due to it's effect on hormone levels, not to mention it is usually genetically modified.  Then I looked at some jelly beans and cookies.  They contained soy flours, corn syrup, and soybean/sunflower/canola oils.  Is it so much to ask for foods made with recognizable ingredients?  I just want whole grain flour, butter, whole sugar, natural flavors.  Sheesh.

But then I remembered these chocolate macadamias sprinkled with sea salt from last year, which I have still not attempted.  But I did make peanut butter cups and coconut-chocolate mounds this year for Valentine's Day and they were wonderful.  I also have loved this coconut-orange fudge recipe.  At least I know I can make those from experience and try some new recipes too.  I can make a few kinds of candies and then put them in a cute package for each of our stockings.

I also have an excellent pair of shortbread recipes that I need to whip up.  It's a good thing I started sprouting some white wheat berries tonight.  I even found recipes for basic chocolate fudge, caramel corn, and these almond cookies!  Maybe something that looks similar to this Nature's Candy Box idea.  It really is worth it to me.  I'm going to do it, dammit!

I may even try to convert some of my old favorites into nourishing versions and see how it goes.  I really love these cookies, and these sugar cookies, and these peanut butter cup cookies, and these checkerboard cookies, and these mexican wedding cookies.  I want to have all of them again.  Wish me luck, I will be blogging my success!


cc said...

Can't wait to see how they all turn out!

McDonalds said...

Sounds wonderfully delicious. You really inspire me in so many ways my friend. (We are currently trying to declutter our lives so we can buy a deep freezer to hold a grass fed cow...well its meat anyway. It will take time but will be worth it.) When are you embarking on this candy journey? Do you want help (on Friday or Saturday this week)? Oh and I love the two Exponent posts, so much to think about. Please forgive me for not commenting on them...I am still really overwhelmed with life. Love and miss you!

k said...

Oh good, I'm glad you read them. They are certainly the kind of thing you would be interested in. I would love to read your comments, but of course I understand about life getting overwhelming.

And I would LOVE for you to come over on Friday if that works for you. Fun! M is in school until 11:30, but we'll be home a little after noon to put E down for a nap. Perhaps the girls and M could play while we make something. What do you want to make out of all those links? :D

Lani said...

I am just about drooling over all that- sounds SO delicious!