Thursday, January 22, 2009


Every day for the past week, E has had at least one massive spit up per day. We're talking ALL of the food he just ate: back up the hatch. Sigh. But today we took our time and burped every 5 minutes during a feeding and voila! Hooray for chubby babies!

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Fowler family said...

Oh my gosh, we totally discovered this to. BURPING is so important with cleft palate babies. It makes such a world of a difference. Both of my boys spit up quite a bit. Some other things that helped were: don't feed right before bedtime- get a burp out of them before you put them down at night (or they'll wake up an hour later SCREAMING/PUKING), we elevated the crib mattress on the head side so it was raised a bit (we just stuck a phone book under it). This helped them have their head higher than their chest and reduced spit up. I had them sleep on a little towel like thing so that I didn't have to change the sheets every day (I'd always sfind pit up/drool), and to get good burps out, I'd let them gnaw on my fingers (I know it sounds wierd), but it would make their mouth/body relax and the burp would just come.

I'm not a know it all by any means, but I must admit I do have a little bit of burping expertise (it that's to be proud of).