Saturday, July 08, 2006

it's time to party

so there are only a few more hours until the big party. the cheesecake is made, the carrot cake is made and cut into the shape of a dinosaur (it has yet to be frosted), the gifts are piled. now all that's left is to clean a bathroom, decorate a little and frost the cake. i'm seriously excited!! i can't tell you how much fun i'm having!

plus, M has started WALKING! he falls over a lot and can only take a few steps at a time, but even this morning he seemed to make strides (punny!) with his walkin' technique. mostly he just gets so excited because we're excited that he tries to walk fast and then falls and immediately starts clapping. it's pretty much the sweetest thing in the whole world :)

i promise a full report on the party later, complete with my favorite pictures of the day. wish me luck!


Melissa said...

Well, it's all over now, but good luck anyway. It sounds like it was lots of fun!

And, the walking story? Aack! So cute! I'm excited for the pictures. :)

kendahl said...

the party went well, so i'm assuming that luck works retroactively in time :) everyone ate both cakes i made and said they were delicious, which made me feel good! and miles got some serious loot. hooray for grandparents, you know?