Tuesday, July 04, 2006

not much to say...okay i lied.

so it's 10:15 here in AZ, and it feels like 3 in the morning. i have officially become extremely lame. but alas, i feel like getting out some random blurbs. i just went to the movies with my SIL and we saw The Devil Wears Prada. i came out of the movie feeling slightly frumpy from all the fun clothes in the movie, but at the same feeling more okay about my purchase a few days ago of some high-heeled shoes. i had difficulty walking in them on sunday, from the lack of practice (i haven't worn anything but flat shoes for about 3-4 years!), but alternately felt very tall and even a little bit glamorous (for me). so thank you meryl streep.

also, today i went to toys 'r' us for a shopping-idea-generating stroll with R and M. we saw LOTS of toys. too many. but the ideas were, in fact, generated. plus, M got to try some out and see what he thought. then we went to target to actually buy the toys for several dollars cheaper. original dump truck=$20. purchased dump truck (right size, plastic, no sharp corners)=$7. booyah!

i would also like to say that i'm really looking forward to miles birthday. growing up in my family, the birthday fairy visited the night before your birthday and you woke up to a birthday trail. usually it consisted of m&m's and several small items along the way, leading to the living room where your wrapped presents were in a pile. so miles will get his very first birthday trail of cheerios and such, and i can't wait! i realize that this is really more for me than for him, but it's okay. i'm still excited and unashamed of my enthusiasm.

so friday is the real birthday and then saturday the fam is coming over and also a friend named AJ who is 8 months old. we will be having strawberry cheesecake and a dinosaur-shaped carrot cake for miles (which may or may not be disgusting, since i'm varying it for a child, i.e. less sugar, only whole wheat flour, etc; hence, the cheesecake option). but lest you all become very impressed with my willingness to make these cakes, please know that i relish excuses to make these things. it's relaxing. i don't know why, and i'm not lying just to sound impressive. if i lied just to sound impressive i would say that i'm also really looking forward to cleaning the whole house before everyone comes over. so honestly, baking is like my alternative to getting a massage. don't ask.

i just finished reading In Cold Blood. i'm very disturbed by it. but i also recommend you to read it. i had never read anything by Truman Capote until this, but i enjoyed it so much that i'd also like to read Breakfast at Tiffany's sometime soon. also, i just finished Les Miserables. one of my favorite books ever. while simultaneously being one of the most annoying to read. but please, read it! the end.


Melissa said...

I admit it: I got scared reading In Cold Blood. I still thought it was fantastic. Let me know what you think about Breakfast at Tiffany's.

And happy birthday to Miles tomorrow! I'm impressed with your altered carrot cake. I gave Caleb some rice cereal the other day that had dried milk powder in it. Whoops. So you can see that I am far behind you in the Mother of the Year award. (But what idiot food company puts milk products in baby food?? Surely I can blame this on Gerber...) (On the other hand, what idiot mother doesn't read the ingredients? Oh, well.)

kendahl said...

gerber is seriously lacking in proper food additive knowhow. i once asked if it was okay to give miles a spinach lasagna dinner babyfood because of the whole milk ricotta cheese in it. my doctor was pretty shocked they put cheese in a 2nd foods jar. in a nutshell, yes, you should blame gerber. i do. plus, there are worse offenses, like the fact that they sell babyfood desserts in 2nd foods as well, with sugar in them. hello, big no-no!

the altered carrot cake was a dicovery made by my bored self looking through the book What to Expect During the First Year. i wouldn't recommend the book, but the recipe looks promising. it's at the very back, in case you have it.

also, i was browsing my favorite websites and stumbled across some VERY adorable pictures of a certain Caleb Huff. he's so cute! and so blue-eyed. i want to see you guys so bad! !!!

Paul Huff said...

Well, we could always drive seven hours each and meet up in Tuba City, AZ. That might be kinda fun.

We'll bring the water!

kendahl said...

i've never even heard of tuba city! there's a yuba city in CA though, and i've heard of that. i'm also very seriously thinking that miles and i, instead of flying directly to MI should just flay to salt lake and stay for a couple of days until ryan has school. then he could see y'all too, and even stop at jeremy and jennie's partway to stay the night (and save some money. the money that we would use for my plane ticket to salt lake.) genuis!