Monday, July 10, 2006

Party Pictures

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the party we had on Saturday (even though M's real birthday was on Friday). The pure delight with his new toy in the first picture is almost more than i can handle!! it's seriously my new favorite :) and the second one is of us opening presents. i knew that he would love his roll-a-rounds and bang them together happily. it makes me a proud mother to know my child well enough to pick out the correct toys for him. i don't know why that means so much, it just does :) Posted by Picasa


Melissa said...

The pictures are adorable. And I fully support you in feeling proud of your fine picking-out-toys abilities.

Jordan said...

I am sorry we missed the fiesta, but the pictures are dang cute! I am happy that Miles had such a fun time and that he's loving his toys! Horray for being 1!

kendahl said...

thanks jordan! i know you would've been there had you not been in UT :) and miles loves his see 'n' say and his truck book that you picked out. it's so crazy that he's one; such an accomplishment. pretty soon Lauren will be walking around too. and she'll be one. weird!