Monday, July 17, 2006


so i'm sick today. i woke up with a horrible sore throat. every time i get a sore throat this bad i flashback to BYU when i got mono. i wasn't kissing anyone at the time, so i must've gotten it in some unfunny way like from a shared cup. and then whenever i think of having mono, i remember something funny that paul told R once in reference to R's paranoia about having contracted mono from me (even though i had gotten over it before we met). he said, "R, think about what mono is made up of. it's MO, and NO." fortunately, i hadn't had mono when we embarked on the post-first-kissing part of our relationship. so there was no No on the MO. (fyi, the MO refers to The Making Out, just in case you aren't privy to byu slang from 4 years ago, dear reader.)

i also had a really vivid dream about being in a play that my understudy had been filling in for. this was because i hadn't felt like going for the last few weeks, apparently. so in my dream i was trying to learn my lines while onstage, and remember the lyrics to songs and steps to dance numbers. i still remember most of it now, having been awake for about 4 hours. does it mean something??!! will i suddenly find myself in such a condition one day soon?

i'm going to CA in about a week. we are flying to Fresno where my mom will pick me and M up and we'll stay for a week. i'm not sure how it'll go, but i'm still pretty excited to see people. my mom and 2 of my sisters will be there for sure, and then another sister with her husband will come and visit for 2 days. that's a lot of sisters. and since miles is walking now i expect that he'll get even more cuteness points than usual and garner love and snuggles and presents, etc.

i started a new book by Leslie Marmon Silko called Ceremony. i've only read about 50 pages, but it's already quite vivid in it's description of the deserty conditions the story takes place in. i have found myself a better water drinker the last few days. the language of the main character's inner voice is really amazing, making his pain as vivid as the desert's heat. the book, even only this far, has affected me. it also, just because the characters are Native Americans, brings up images i've imagined and thoughts i've pondered while reading Seventh Son and the following books after it in the series (by Orson Scott Card). i find that somewhat amusing :)

my cup o' soup is now ready.


Melissa said...

1. Sorry you're feeling sick. Since having Caleb, I've always felt much worse when sick--probably because of the ever-present responsibility when I'd just like to wallow in the comfort of my bed. May you feel better soon.

2. I would come to any play you were in. Do try out for some. :)

3. I finished Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, which everyone and their pet frog has already read, but let me here echo the voice of thousands: it is excellent. I think I finished on Saturday, and I'm still thinking about it. Loved it.

kendahl said...

thanks for the sickiness support. it's not fun, especially when you then pass it along to your baby and spend most of the day wiping their nose and thinking, "sorry!"

The Kite Runner IS excellent, and also happens to take place in Fremont, CA where i lived from 3-18. i could picture the last half of the book in exactly the correct places they were taking place, which ended up binding me to the book even more. sigh.

also, i'm nearly finished with Ceremony and would highly recommend it. have you read it? do, do!