Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bum Genius: Aptly Named

Well, I am now committed. I have purchased Bum Genius cloth diapers. And a trash can and mild detergent. I'm excited! Is that weird? Probably.

I used the Cotton Babies website and they have been great. I would highly recommend them, both for the customer service, and also the price. I don't think I found a better deal for buying in bulk. Plus they have pretty much everything on one website, including information, Q&A, recommendations, pictures. I like that.

The diapers are so cute! The tiny ones are SO tiny! I only got 12 of those out of worry for a good fit when E is brand new. Then I bought 24 of the one-size fits all type for when E grows a little bit. I got a few in yellow, green and blue. I am quite impressed with how cool these diapers are. They have snaps that allow them to fit a baby all the way up to 35 pounds. They are considered "pocket diapers" which means that you insert a little washcloth-type piece of material into the pocket. Then you can line the diaper with a flushable soft tissue liner to keep poop off the material. Then you throw the liner (with the mess) into the toilet and toss your diaper into the trash can with a lid. (This bit of information is what simplified it enough for me to take the plunge.)

Every 2 days you launder the diapers by one cold wash and one warm wash in the washer. You have to use a very mild detergent. I found a great website with a very comprehensive list. (I found this detergent at Whole Foods and on, and it has 5/5 stars according to a few sources, so that's what I'm using.) Then you can either dry them in the dryer or on a rack. I'm going for the rack-drying method what with the sun all up in my business all the time in AZ. Now it'll be working FOR me instead of AGAINST me. Ha, joke's on you sun!

I also got this little wet bag for when I go out and about with E. I'll mostly use it for diaper bag outings. I'm debating whether or not to get this sprayer because I'm not sure I need it or not. Even after all these purchases, the total comes to the same amount we would spend on disposable diapers in about 6-8 months. Clearly a bargain. And green too! I really DO feel satisfied knowing that I'm doing my part not adding plastic mounds to the garbage dumps.


GG said...

I miss you!! someday I'll be headed that way again...

awesome find on the diaper stuff.
I'm glad you are going well. :)

k said...

Thanks! I thought of you when I finally made the decision because I knew you would say "do it!". I miss you too, and I'm hoping we can come over and see the new place :)

gretchen said...

Outsmarting the sun and saving the earth?? You are super mom! :) Miss you!

Lani said...

Those are the diapers I use for Jake! I love them! The only problem we've had was that Jake's a "heavy wetter" (he even leaked out of disposables once he started rolling over and sleeping on his tummy and he seems to be doing better now), but we've found some tricks around that with some hemp inserts.

Carrie Merino said...

Yah!!! I'm glad that you are doing cloth too! I think you will like them much better than disposable (it just takes some getting used to.)