Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For everyone who is wondering, I'm still pregnant. I met with my OB yesterday after a fairly funny-in-retrospect freak out. Let me backtrack a little: Both Saturday and Sunday nights were spent on the couch with a breast pump on the lowest setting to try and induce myself into labor. Both times I was able to get my contractions going for over an hour at 3-5 minutes apart. But both times I stopped pumping the contractions died down and eventually went away.

So Monday morning I called the nurse in tears saying that E had measured big over a week and a half ago, and now he was probably huge, and I wouldn't be able to push him out, and I would have to have a c-section, and nothing was happening without a breast pump, and I was panicking, and I needed to be induced NOW. She was really nice and said not to worry. E's measurements are plus or minus up to 2 pounds, and he probably wouldn't be much bigger than M was. Then she put me on hold and got me an appointment for a few hours later on my (very nice and understanding) Dr.'s lunch hour. So I met with Dr. Mayer and she calmed me down. She said she wasn't worried and that I would be able to get him out. She also teased me about having a meltdown and gave me a hug. Apparently I just needed validation and love, because after that I felt much better about everything.

Well, not for the next part: while I was there Dr. Mayer stripped my membranes. There are such lovely phrases used at the end of pregnancy, no? It was not fun, but worth it, because today things are moving along. I've had a few more painful contractions on my own, and I lost more of my mucous plug. If any more than that happens, I'll update the old k-land here.

(I also went to the chiropractor today and my back feels wonderful for once! So I think I'm ready. Now it's off to nap :))


Hubers said...

I loved both my massages to induce pregnancy, but neither worked. I was always really late too. I'm feelin' your pain. Good luck sweetheart!

mhuff said...

I've been wondering you were still pregnant since Christmas! Thanks for clearing things up for me! When I went in for my first 40-week appointment with Caleb, the ultrasound estimated him to be 9 lbs 2 oz, and I freaked out. He weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz. Good estimate there, guys. Anyway, good luck!!

Nicole said...

Strange, I've never had a doctor estimate the size of my babies...or at least tell me what they have estimated. What a stressor!

Also, I've never been partial to male or female doctors until recently...a woman delivered Caleb and there were a few times similar to the one you mentioned where I believe that a man just wouldn't "get it," or think to just give some reassuring words. There's definitely something to be said for woman to woman intuition (if you can call it that).

Kristi said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better after your appointment with your kind and reassuring doctor....and the chiropractor.
I will be anxiously awaiting the news of E's debut! :)