Monday, December 15, 2008

Yet another prego update

I went to the ob/gyn this morning and.....only a "barely 2cm dilated, and about 50% effaced" was pronounced. I am still very okay with this as I want to get through Christmas pregnant. Then my doctor said: "I think you'll see Christmas pregnant". Woohoo! No hospital Christmases please.

Plus there's the whole intuition thing. I just don't think it's happening for about 2 weeks. I think I will either be a couple of days early or right on the date of January 1st. We shall see. I'm taking bets. You win, hmm, something. My respect? Bragging rights? Cookies in about 6 months when I finally remember to make them AND have time to do so? Take your pick.

1 comment:

Camille said...

I think the 31st. He's clearly a partier in the womb, thus he will choose the biggest party day of the year to be born.