Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unintentional Break, Aaaand I'm Back!

I'm still going on my Eat Fat, Lose Fat goal.  It's Operation Lose Baby Weight!  So far I have only managed to get about 3 pounds off, but I have only been at it about 4 weeks.  Really, I am right on track.  I need to remember to keep going, and not to judge myself.  I haven't posted many recipes lately, because we all got sick for about a week and half, starting with M and then spreading to all of us.

During that time I made a lot of repeats of recipes I had already posted here.  I kept breakfasts simple: either Coconut Smoothies, or variations on bacon, eggs, and toast with milk.  For lunches I kept it easy too: I did a lot of crackers and cheese, or crackers and braunschweiger, with fruit and kefir.  Then there was dinner, which was a lot of chicken dumpling soup and taco-seasoning ground beef bowls.  Those are two of my go-to meals when it comes to time crunches or sickness.

And of course, I kept taking my coconut oil.  It not only helps with weight-loss, but is a very good food to eat when you are sick.  Coconut oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial.  Coconut oil is a tried and true traditional fat, and helps your body detox and regulate.  It made my throat feel better, that's for sure!

I will post my go-to dinner recipes forthwith.  I am glad you are sticking with me, dear reader. :)

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EmilyCC said...

My most successful attempt at weight loss took 4 weeks before I saw the numbers budge much. From what I've read, it sounds like that's a good sign. But, blech, I miss my high school days when I could just stop eating Reese's and loose 5 pounds in two weeks!