Monday, November 08, 2010

Real Food Media Keeps Getting Hacked

I usually have a Real Food Media widget over on the right sidebar of my blog.  But this morning I was told to take it down because hackers have attacked Real Food Media for the fourth time in the last few weeks.  Ann Marie over at CHEESESLAVE is the major force behind the Real Food Media machine.  I really feel for her as she has been dealing with this the last several weeks.  The real food movement won't be derailed, we will keep going.


WordVixen said...

That really bites. I know it happened to Kelly a few times too. I always liked that widget for interesting posts that weren't on the sites that I subscribe to. I keep wondering who's behind it- some kid doing it for kicks? Or something more insidious, like Monsanto.

k said...

I have wondered the same thing. I know that Monsanto has been "monitoring" many blogs that talk about GMOs, yikes.

WordVixen said...

Yup, and if the hacking takes place overseas, it's not only difficult to track, but impossible to prosecute. A lot of people are willing to do horribly unethical things for a little money, no questions asked. :-/