Friday, November 19, 2010

Vote NO on S. 510

The FDA already wields too much power.  In theory, they could use that power to protect our rights to good, whole, raw, local, organic, traditional foods.  Instead, they let the money talk. They support the interests of Monsanto and other huge companies who tend to screw up basic foods like meat and eggs.  Remember all those meat recalls?  Remember when that dirty-egg company got away with dangerous safety standards?  We, as consumers, pay the price.

The FDA should be protecting our interests, but they do not.  Don't be fooled by their doublespeak as they talk about "food safety".  We know the truth.  When we can talk to the farmers we buy food from, we have control over what we put into our bodies.  If that option is taken away, we have no choice but to wonder if the eggs at the supermarket are dangerous.  We don't know where they came from, and the FDA has shown no interest in making sure large food corporations pay the price for their bad food.

Urge your senators to vote NO on S. 510.  Urge your state representatives to vote NO on S. 510.

If this bill passes, your local foods sources will be hit.  Have you noticed that the real food movement has been gaining momentum?  We consumers have been demanding better food.  We have been demanding to know where it comes from, and if good practices are in place.  Don't let the FDA take that from us.  It's our right. It will only take a few minutes to write a small paragraph or two to your state senators and representatives.  We will rise up!

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Stella said...

yep. totally agreed. if we don't start to speak up about this, then